Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019

V.A. - On Slaught No. 6

V.A. - On Slaught No. 6
Hier auch der 2te Sampler. Dickes Booklet im PDF Format bei beiden anbei.
A Seite
01.Mini Crisis (Bamff)
02.Beach Music (Qi-ZZ)
03.Jury And Judge (Angst)
04.Downtown (Paris Working)
05.The Average Indian Reservation Song (Tranquil Eyes)
06.When Science Came To Town (Popular Science)
07.Rendez-Vous With Betsy (Ende Shneafliet)
08.Deutsches Mädchen (The Actor)
09.Intervention (Data-Bank-A)
B Seite
10.Almost Wallpaper (Jumbo Zen)
11.Boulevard Circulaire (Satellite - Atom Cristal)
12.Snowdance Part 2 (De Fabriek)
13.Interview (Jad Fair)
14.Alien (Doxa Sinistra)
15.Where Has All The Difference Gone (Cultural Amnesia)
16.I Remember (Project Electronic Amerika)
17.Pente (Tone Poets)
18.Brave Old World (Vox Populi)
19.Party Talk (André De Koning)
20.Simpel Pop (The Actor)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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