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Buzzcocks - Buzzcocks

Buzzcocks - Buzzcocks
Pope Music Productions LTD

Hier mal frühe Buzzcocks Werke. Ungewöhnlich hier, da Pope eigentlich eher durch Livemitschnitte auffällt.
Danke Rudi Krawall
A Seite
"Times Up" Studio Takes, Indigo Sound Studio 1976
01.Boredom (1st Take)
02.Orgasm Addict
03.You Tear Me Up
04.I Cant Control Myself
05.Breakdown (1st Take)
06.Friends Of Mine
07.Drop In The Ocean
08.Big Dummy
09.Boredom (3rd Take)
10.Love Battery
11.Breakdown (3rd Take)
12.Time's Up (1st Take)
B Seite
Promotional LP USA 1980
13.Are Everything
14.Strange Thing
15.What Do You Know
16.Why She's A Girl From  The Chain Store
17.Airwaves Dream
18.Running Free
Love Bites Demo Takes 1980
19.For Ever On The Run
20.Real World
21.Operator's Manuel
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


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