Sonntag, 6. Januar 2019

EB Metronom 40/92 (Köln)

EB Metronom 40/92 (Köln)

und noch eins
u.a. dabei
Klaw, 25th Of May, Heiter Bis Wolkig, Fabian, Eggmen 5,
The Fair Sex, 29 Palms, James Ray Gangwar, Placebo Effect, Rosemary's Babies,
The Bates, N-Factor, Die Rasenden Leichenbeschauer, Matthias Arffmann, Sophie B. Hawkins,
Blessin In Disguise, Sugar, Crash Test Dummies, Freundschaft,
Seam, Love Like Blood, Waltari, Sandow, Afghan Wigs, EMF, Who By Fire,
Galliano, Hereos Del Silencio, Stray Cats, Screaming Trees,
Throw That Beat, The Weathermen, Babes In Toyland, Girls Under Glas,
AG Geige, The Brandos, Urge, Overkill,
Termine, Just For Record, Singles & Maxis,
On The Shores Of Darkness, Welcome To The Future,
Tekknik Tribunal, Label: ATATA/büro records,
Cassetten, Cassettenlabel: Ooh Ooh Music,
Display Ads, Leserbriefe, NonKiosk/Videos/Soundtracks,
Soundtrack/Back lssues, Comics,

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