Sonntag, 12. Januar 2020

V.A. - Berlincassette 01/89

V.A. - Berlincassette 01/89

Da ist noch eine Berlincassette.
A Seite
01.Calum's Song (Couldn't Be A Fisher)
02.A Sign (Storemage)
03.Pa (Kaoru)
04.Going Somewhere (Naiohj's Hair)
05.Oswiecim (Frozen Planets)
06.Vomit A Comit (Amy Demio)
07.If Thoughts Could Kill (Atom Smashers)
08.Undercover (Jenifer Tryhah)
09.High On Drugs (Fleshtones)
10.Ladders (Progress In April)
11.On The Spot (R. Steve Idore)
B Seite
12.Spiele (C. Abee-H.Brand-R.Fuchs)
13.X-Mas Part. II (The Backdoor Man)
14.Premonition 16 (The Legendary Pink Dots)
15.Stammheim (DsorDne)
16.Golden Gun (Munch)
17.Death Body (Konrad Kraft - Phase Pervers)
18.Confidence (Gypsy)
19.Taucher, False Christs (Monochrome Bleu)
20.Greenwich Mean Time (Saquara Dogs)
21.No Title (Poison Dwarfs)
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