Freitag, 17. Januar 2020

V.A. - Orgasmus Compilation

V.A. - Orgasmus Compilation
Schutt & Asche

Noch ein Sampler By "Schutt & Asche"
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01.Dog Whip (S-Core)
02.Pancreas (Odal)
03.Une Balle Dans Le Tete (Urbain Autopsy)
05.Army Of Laibach (Mario Marzidovsek)
06.Chasm (Vandal X)
07.Requiem (Vandal X)
08.Leave The Body (Vandal X)
09.Essipedrem (No Unauthorized)
10.Hires (Louis Pasteur & Rembrandt)
11.F.T.T. (Louis Pasteur & VC22)
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12.Feel The Metal (Louis Pasteur)
13.Fetal Sequenz (Solanaceae Tau)
14.Amainac On The Loose (Dikyl Broboja & St. Cos)
15.National Obstruction (Szarkov)
16.Intermezzo For The People (Dikyl Broboja)
17.It's Alive And It's Gollem (Dikyl Broboja)
18.Solitaire (De Fabriek)
19.Deformed Material From Twirk (Une Le Würg Production)
20.Material From 'Nightwork' (Une Le Würg Production)
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