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V.A. - Numb Tongue No Taste

V.A. - Numb Tongue No Taste

Masking Tapes MT 01


Hier noch ein internationaler (inkl. Osten) das ganze auf dem ersten Masking Tapes Sampler. Später hieß Masking Tapes wohl Empty Tapes. Ungeschnitten

A Seite

01.Trash Is Truth (Born Without A Face)
02.7 Steps To Hell (Born Without A Face)
03.Ratne Propast (Arhivska Zabava)
04.Previse Kasno (Arhivska Zabava)
05.Voicesd Everywhere (Glorious Din)
06.Water From The Temple (Glorious Din)
07.Angry As Hell (Baby Astronauts)
08.God Save The Clash (Baby Astronauts)
09.Soda Water Bottle (Baby Astronauts)
10.Tornados Suck (Baby Astronauts)
11.Facce Stupide (Dictatrista)
12.Menzogne Programmate (Dictratrista)
13.Sometimes (Uniform Choice)
14.Walls (Uniform Choice)

B Seite

15.The Devil (ST-37)
16.The Fool (ST-37)
17.Mark Bowen (Faith No More)
18.Arabian Disco (Faith No More)
19.Io Sonole Vittime (Crash Box)
20.Veleno Per Voi (Crash Box)
21.Year Of The Locust (Asbestos RockPyle)
22.PCP Club Outtake (Asbestos RockPyle)
23.A Long Way (Dox Wör Mirram)
24.Song Of World (Brave New World)
25.Anthropology (Arcata Boys Choir)
26.Who's Archievements (Arcata Boys Choir)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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