Montag, 20. Februar 2017

JAR - Split Lord Litter

JAR - Split Lord Litter
Irre Tapes IT005

Nach einer Pause von 4 Jahren ging es dann so richtig los mit den Irre Tapes.
A Seite
01.Come with me (JAR)
02.Takes your breath (JAR)
03.After all (JAR)
04.Heartless (JAR)
05.Dear prudence (JAR)
06.It may never come (JAR)
07.Outsiders (JAR)
08.Seas running dry (JAR)
09.Too strong (JAR)
B Seite
10.I wanna be a No 1 Country Star (Lord Litter)
11.I know what we could do (Lord Litter)
12.E moi je dors (Lord Litter)
13.Thats the way it goes (Lord Litter)
14.Lifes a bummer (Lord Litter)
15.Sex sells (Lord Litter)
16.Something different (Lord Litter)
17.Goodbey Charlie (Lord Litter)
18.Its all over (Lord Litter)
19.I dont need no purple hearts (Lord Litter)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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