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Daniel Triana - Selections

Daniel Triana - Selections
Irre Tapes IT 047

IT047 Daniel Triana/ Selections C60 (20 songs from this member of Bellas Artes, hear IT033 please)
A Seite
01.TV Intro
02.Third Man And Weak
03.Nebula Part A And B
04.This Spiral Staircase
05.Next To The Bay
06.Dirty Jokes Part 1 And 2
07.Hand In Hand
08.Blue Collar Blues
09.Forever And Ever
10.Another World
11.Another World Remix
B Seite
13.Slowly Forming Image
14.This Game Of Life
15.Summer Days In Elisabeth
16.Looking Through Glass
17.Abstract Mind
18.Kinetic Image
19.Frame Of Mind
20.The Final
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


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