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V.A. - The Power And The Passion Volume 5

V.A. - The Power And The Passion Volume
Irre Tapes IT 066

Die Irre Tapes.
IT066 The Power and the passion/ Vol. 5 Compilation C46 (No Comment/ Terrorplan/ Sack/ Didi/ This Shrinking Feeling...)
A Seite
01.Jamaican Summer (Terrorplan)
02.Red Sweat (No Comment)
03.Turn On Your Receiver (Didi)
04.Psychologie Ist Für Alle Da (Heiler, Helfer Helfershelfer)
05.This Happy World (This Shrinking Feeling)
06.Nature On Its Course (W.F. & The Question)
B Seite
07.There Is You (This Shrinking Feeling)
08.Goddess Of The Night II (L.G. Mair Jr.)
09.Preludium 1 (M. Nomized)
10.Sacks Kommentar (Harald Sack Ziegler)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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