Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

V.A. - Fuck Dresden

V.A. - Fuck Dresden
Zieh Dich Warm An Tapes

Noch ein Zieh Dich Warm An Tape.
A Seite
01.My Responsibility (Use Your Strength)
02,Go (Use Your Strength)
03.World III (No Reason Why)
04.Let's Ride (Bunte Trümmer)
05.Dig My Grave (Bunte Trümmer)
06.Fleischwolf (Greedy Gods)
07.Rage (Need A New Drug)
08.18 (Lepra)
09.Frustration & Effect (Polluted Minds)
10.Exploited Creature (Polluted Minds)
11.Silence (No Reason Why)
12.Cisza (Schizma)
13.Smutna Piosenka O Nas (Schizma)
14.Do You Hate (FH 72)
15.Gegen Rechts (FH 72)
16.Can't Tell No One (FH 72)
B Seite
17.Senseless Violence (Lepra)
18.Changes (Lepra)
19.Out Of The Darkness (Lepra)
20.Die Leute Von Der Dipser (Holly Wut)
21.Mess People (Use Your Strength)
22.Don't Take A Trust (Use Your Strength)
23.Sick People (Use Your Strength)
24.Bum Bum Bum (Tea Age)
25.Punk Radio (Terre Des Homme)
26.Harass (Where Is The Beef)
27.So It Goes (Polluted Minds)
28.Man Behind The Mirror (Polluted Minds)
29.Die Fascist Die (Polluted Minds)
30.1966 (The Golden Pope)
31.Good Morning J Berger (Need A New Drug)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


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