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V.A. - South Africa/Swedish Compilation

V.A. - South Africa/Swedish Compilation
Irre Tapes IT 075

Hier noch mal ein Irre Tape.
IT075 South Africa/ Swedish - Compilation C60 (Sphinx Holotronic/ Paul Wiggens/ P.P.P./ Systema Scrotum/ Overlords / Virsors Inc...)
A Seite
01.Ist conception (Sphinx Holotronic)
02.Dying eyes (The Overlords)
03.The night (Visors Inc)
04.Cheep seed (Pure War)
05.New south africa (Paul Wiggens)
06.It makes cents (Sphinx Holotronic)
07.Chonyrd bar do (Fynn 23 With Paul)
B Seite
08.Feeling (Zwidi)
09.All transistor (Ö.V.)
10.They pay much for a cheap thing (Frak)
11.K422 (Systems Scrotum)
12.N.Y. will be your new home (Enema & Gejonte)
13.Enheten (PPP)
14.Summoning a history (Systema Scrotum)
15.Overdose (Systema Scrotum)
16.Fick pril i fett förfpack (Frak)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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