Montag, 22. Oktober 2018

Straight 03/87 (Ebersbach)

Straight 03/87 (Ebersbach)
Noch ein Straight.
u.a. dabei
Impressum, Out On Our Town,
Eastern Colours Repainted, Jinx, Chameleons,
Babes In Toyland, Dead End,
Scoolbus, Body And The Buildings,
John Rob "Noise Pop For President",
Easterhouse, The Craddle,
Vietnam Veterans, New Model Army,
Pseiko Lüde Und Die Astros, Rose Of Avalanche,
Constrictor, Philip Boa, Les Black Carnations,
Konzertrückschau, Plattenkritiken,
The Mission, The Damned, Bolshoi, Pastels,

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