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V.A. - The Power And The Passion Volume 10

V.A. - The Power And The Passion Volume 10
Irre Tapes IT 082

Gleich noch den 10ten und letzten Teil der "The Power And The Passion" Reihe von Irre Tapes.
IT082 The Power and the Passion/ Vol. 10 Compilation C46 (Siegmar Fricke/ Unpleasant Surprise/ Liquid sound system..)
A Seite
01.In the back of his truck (Siegmar Fricke)
02.Androids eat gas (The Puget Sound)
03.Hessen können nicht Saufen (L'Edarps A Moth)
04.The Chair (Nomuzic)
05.Once every so often (Sons Of Selina)
B Seite
06.Move this image (Liquid Sound System)
07.My childhood architecture (The Puget Sound)
08.Painter in the dark (Unpleasant Surprise)
09.Across the line (The Organics)
10.Nur an dich (L'Edarps A Moth)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


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