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V.A. - Another Spark

V.A. - Another Spark
Another Spark Tapes AS 001

Heute machen wir mal wieder in Sampler, "Another Spark" ein ganz flottes Teil.
A Seite
01.Superior Spectre (Inca Babies)
02.Do The Door, Friend (The Moodists)
03.Boneabilly Party (Bone Orchard)
04.Windolene, Live Glasgow Nightmoves 22.03.84 (The Three Johns)
05.The Flatstone, Demo (The Box)
06.The Throat, Live (The Membranes)
07.Love Lies, Live Early 1984 (In Excelsis)
08.Empires And Ashes (Perfect Vision)
09.In-flux (Bourbonese Qualk)
10.The Great Promise (Hectic Red)
11.The Art Of Love, A Weekly Magazine, Part 2, Free With Part 1 (1000 Mexicans)
12.Check It Out (The Red Guitars)
13.Is This The Way, Live London ICA October 1983 (The Mekons)
14.The King's Broadcast (DCL)
B Seite
15.Lovers Spit & Kiss, Red Letter Day (Full Sail)
16.The Rain Dance (The Ghost Of Electricity)
17.Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost (Microdisney)
18.Kiss A Cold(er) Shoulder (In Embrace)
19.Jesus Makes His Own Bread (Ege Bam Yasi)
20.Newton Told Me (The Go-Betweens)
21.Inside Your Heart (The Jazz Butcher)
22.Kelly From Killeen (Five Go Down To The Sea)
23.Island Of No Return, Live (Billy Bragg)
24.Dust (22 Beaches)
25.Windless Streets (Ninth Arena)
26.Lacklustre (Tiny Town)
27.Yum.Yum.Foam, Extr. Ege Bam Yasi)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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