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Paracon - Watching For A Sign Of Spirit

Paracon - Watching For A Sign Of Spirit
Irre Tapes IT 099

ein 2tes noch und das kurz vor der 100. Veröffentlichung.

IT099 Paracon/ Waiting for a sign of spirit C60 (Das Trauma Syndrom + L.G. Mair, jr with endless-spheric-rhythm-sound, wonderful!!)
A Seite
01.If You Ask Me About The Future
02.Nothing But Frozen Time
03.The Only Escape Would Be Imagination
04.In Twilight When The Tide Is Out
B Seite
05.To Catch A Glimpse Of Real Brilliancy
06.Be Prepared To Enter A World
07.This Very Normal Insanity Of Modern Life
08.They Are The Veins Of Our Cities
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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