Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2019

Patternclear / Halo Svevo - Split Cassette

Patternclear / Halo Svevo - Split Cassette
Irre Tapes IT 098

Bei den Irre Tapes gibt es auch noch einiges zu tun und den Anfang machen "Patternclear" und "Halo Svevo" mit einem Split Tape.
IT098 Patternclear/ Halo Svevo - Split Cassette C46 (Great electronic pop from england and germany )
A Seite
01.Chimer - Trigger Mix (Patternclear)
02.Second Vigil (Patternclear)
03.Taking Steppes (Patternclear)
04.Agressor - Game Over (Patternclear)
05.Yakuza - Nihonjin Mix (Patternclear)
06.Chaingang (Patternclear)
B Seite
07.Angels Talking To Themselves (Halo Svevo)
08.Room (Halo Svevo)
09.Im Nodding (Halo Svevo)
10.Untitled - Shepherds Come To feast (Halo Svevo)
11.For The Remembrance (Halo Svevo)
12.Excellent Grey (Halo Svevo)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


  1. Thanks! Do you also have any of these titles?

    Substanz T - "Dieser Stil Ist Nicht Die Jugend"
    Various ‎- "Nothing But Lost Music"
    Various ‎- "PorNo/Yes-Ographie"