Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

V.A. Its My (the) Age Volume 2

V.A. Its My (the) Age Volume 2
Compact Cassette Echo

Hier noch ein Compact Cassette Echo Sampler aus der Its My (the) Age Reihe.
Danke Hardy
A Seite
01.Groovers Suite (Michael Barton & The Groovers)
02.Thinking Psichadelya (Paramedic Squad)
03.Mat Au Plast (MacKt)
04.Marine Girls (Marine Girls)
05.Awakening (Stark)
06.The Beginning (Les Zumbies)
07.Ensamma Pojka (IQ55)
08.Ballad Of New Thinks (Instant Automatons)
09.College Boy (The Blank Tapes)
10.I Like Boats (Jelly Babies)
11.Chapati (Real Imitation)
B Seite
12.Baby Love (Mannequin Moves)
13.Medic Alert (Parametic Squad)
14.Echo From The Past (Still Life)
15.Janes Third Party (A Sudden Sway)
16.Städa (On-Birds)
17.She Don't Care (Total Chaos)
18.Spandau Zumbie (Les Zumbies)
19.Live Q-Hall 07.02.81 Paris (Les Chats)
20.Panic Dancer (Facial Heir)
21.Poser (Icon)
22.In The House (Sombre Reptiles)
23.Incident In Moderan (Those Little Alien)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


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