Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

V.A. - Punk Rules O.K.

V.A. - Punk Rules O.K.
Noch ein Spaßprojekt vom Herrn Scheutzlich.
Danke Rüdiger
A Seite
01.Iglupse (Polar Noise, Greenland)
02.Collapsing Milky Way (Collapsing Milky Way, Mars)
03.Hua (Dschinghis Hardcore Khan, Mongolia)
04.Zensiert (Volkseigene Punkband-Band, GDR)
05.Live In The Centre From A Nuclear Bomb (Exploding A-Bombs, USA)
06.Aheu Kamirada (The Heinos, Madagascar)
07.BummBummBumm (GSG9, Somalia)
08.Laudetur Jesus Christus (Pope On Dope, Vatican City)
09.Auf Der Alm (Die Löcher Im Käse, Switzerland)
10.The Robbery (The Crown Juwel Robbers, United Kingdom)
11.Fuck Allah (Mecca Destructors, Saudi Arabia)
12.Mbwana All Together The Tourist Kidnappers, Kenia)
13.Yü (Tokio Earthquakes, Japan)
14.Nu Sajez (Hitler & The Swastikas)
15.Cultural Revolution (3/4 Japanese, China)
16.Arbowko (Ocean Poisoners, Nauru)
17.Konec (Destroy The System, USSR)
18.Child Of Rubbish (The War Winners, Lebanon)
19.We Need Napalm (The Napalm Eaters, Vietnam)
20.Wozu Haben Wir Unser Schiff Gebaut (Arbeitslose Hochseefischer, Liechtenstein)
B Seite
21.Message Within A Song (Illegal Truth, Albania)
22.Vaaliojäätelöä (Pärälää, Finland)
23.We Are Lazy (The Sabat Workers, Israel)
24.60 Grad (The Snowman, Sahara)
25.Don Quichote And Sancho Pansa (Burning Sombreros, Mexico)
26.Burn The Mosques (Muslim Fuckers, Libia)
27.Lama In Lhasa, Arro (Dalai Lepra, Tibet)
28.Woman Eater (Hungry Cannibals, Bangladesh)
29.Made In India (Bloody Maharadjas, India)
30.Mwup Abup (Anti Civilisation League Papua New Guinea)
31.Dont Be Afrait (Back To Kynism, Greece)
32.Is Khomeini World Record Holder In High Jump (The New Ayatollahs, Iran)
33.Jungle Epidemy (Punka Pykmäa, Kongo)
34.Bantu Glup (Idi Amin And His Army, Uganda)
35.Fun (The Living Moais, Easter Island)
36.Iron Lady (Invisible Argentinians, Falkland Island)
37.Real Punk (The Ice Melters, Antarctica)
38.The Moon Is Broken (Dead Atatürks, Turkey)
39.Huamb (The Eruptions, New Zealand)
40.The Destruction Of The Pyramid (Angry Tutch Anch Amun, Egypt)
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