Dienstag, 7. März 2017

Kalahari Surfers - Gross National Product

Kalahari Surfers - Gross National Product

Hier noch die Kalahari Surfers. A und B Seite ungeschnitten.
A Seite
01.Ndincede (Help Me!)
02Messer Im Kopf I
03.Tolls Of The Trade
04.Suburban Surface
05.Putting Back The Cloud
06.4 African Countries
07.Stroll Through The Country
B Seite
09.Upon Looking Up At The Statue Of Cecil John Rhodes
10.Part Of The Empire
11.Another Iron Fridge
12.John Medlow
13.Singing In The Rain
14.Knife In Head II
15.Scared Of The Police
16.Man On Parade
17.The Night Owl
18.Gross National Product
19.Cut Ups
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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