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V.A. - The Perfect Day Compilation

V.A. - The Perfect Day Compilation
Irre Tapes IT 033

IT033 The Perfect Day/ Compilation C60 (The Deep Freeze Mice/ Due/ Almost Human/ Crew/ D.S.I.P./ Lord Litter/ Siegmar Fricke...)
A Seite
01.Greens (Lord Litter)
02.Big Monkeys (The Deep Freeze Mice)
03.Rita M (The Crew)
04.Transition (Bellas Artes)
05.Disco Town (Almost Human)
06.On My Way (Forest 4)
07.Space Blues (Dark Star - Ramirez)
08.Remaining Time (Due)
B Seite
09.Voice Dances (Didi)
10.Reus Ex Machina (Siegmar Fricke)
11.Hip Hop For Cows (DSIP)
12.Bloody Awful (Y-Create)
13.Magic Dance (Henry Hektik)
14.Walk On The Water (Almost Human)
15.Sea Mammels (Bellas Artes)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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