Freitag, 16. September 2022

V.A. - International Sound Communication 01

V.A. - International Sound Communication 01

Man's Hate Product I.S.C. 01


Heute noch mal rund um Andi Xport, hier mit der ersten "International Sound Communication"


A Seite

01.Field Glasses (Viscera)
02.Passion Revolt (Slaughter Tradition)
03.Magthea & Insanity, Excerpt (Magisch Theater)
04.Undercontrol (Maybe Tomorrow)
05.Europe The Haunted Land (Opera For Infantry)
06.Gregorica Opstatica (Unovidual)
07.Fool & Poor, Excerpt (Kowa)

B Seite

08.Waving Hands (Absolute Body Control)
09.Wasted Years (Tender Loving Care)
10.Is It Worth It (F/i)
11.Cat's Eyes (Political Asylum)
12.Flash Of Flesh (Man's Hate)
13.Untitled (Datakluss)
14.Take A Step To The Left (J.R. Smets)
15.Life's Destruction, Live (Ray The Poet)
16.1984, Is Here (Ray The Poet)
17.The Subtle Art Of Puddle Pushing, Excerpt (The Zanstones)
18.Pain In My Head, Excerpt (Disstorrsshunn)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 600 dpi

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