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V.A. - Les Nuances De...

V.A. - Les Nuances De...

Tears Compilations TEAR 270


Gleich noch eine Tears Compilation aus dem LL-Archiv.

A Seite

01.Another Creep In Disguise (Cancel)
02.Swamp Children (Cancel)
03.What If It Rained Everyday (Cancel)
04.Likes To Catch Flys (Cancel)
05.Society (The Black Flowers)
06.Morire (The Black Flowers)
07.Mind Of Red Eyes (The Black Flowers)

B Seite

08.Free Love (Stormage)
09.Symptoms Gone (Stormage)
10.Propaganda Girls (Stormage)
11.Track 1 (Gafas Oscuras)
12.Section 8 (Gafas Oscuras)
13.Section 1 (Gafas Oscuras)
14.Section 2 (Gafas Oscuras)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 600 dpi

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