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V.A. - World Wild Wanderers

V.A. - World Wild Wanderers

Sound Action SA25


Rüdiger's-Archiv, in dem wir uns gerade bedienen, extrem breit International aufgestellt! Hier mal ein Animal-Benefit-Sampler aus Süd-Afrika. Selbst Schleimkeim ist weit gereist!

A Seite
A Benefit For Animal Rescue Organisation (South Africa)

01.I'm Teller When I'm Happy (The Glee Club, S.A.)
02.Anti Vivisection (Battle Of Disarm, Japan)
03.Destruction (Outstripes Production, S.A.)
04.Morte Animale (Brandelli D'Odio, Italy)
05.The Killing Mind (Crush, S.A.)
06.Poultry-Geist (Mexican Power Authority, Canada)
07.Censor This (Crush, S.A.)
08.Welcome To The Slaughterhouse (Active Minds,U.K.)
09.Murder (Peace Of Mind, Germany)

B Seite
A Benefit For Beauty Without Cruelty (South Africa)

10.Heere Kitty Kitty (Battery 9, S.A.)
11.Fish (Egizan, Germany)
12.Spok (Diminished Return, S.A.)
13.We Dont Need You (Blanks 77, USA)
14.Somerday (Fungy Gone West, S.A.)
15.Clear Cut (Nothing, USA)
16.Sadistic Atrocities (Outrage, S.A.)
17.Slaughter Of The Innocent (Active Minds, UK)
18.Man Machine (Stomping Ground, Singapore)
19.Mein Garten (Schleimkeim, Germany)

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