Dienstag, 21. September 2021

V.A. - International Sound Communication 04

V.A. - International Sound Communication 04

Man's Hate Product I.C-S- 04


Heute mal wieder zum LL-Archiv und einem der tollen I.C.S. Sampler als Man's Hate Product. Queer durch die Genres, mit super Band's.

A Seite

01.Brain Damage (Klinik)
02.Ronald Reagun, Live (Klinik)
03.Ronnie Boy (Unknownmix)
04.ACAB (Bloody Hypocrites)
05.Tunnel, Excerpt (F/I)
06.High Diver (The Drag)
07.Third Mood To The Left (Unovidual)
08.Unity (Electro Hippies)
09.Vivisection Song (Electro Hippies)
10.Mrznje-Terorram (DVA Minuta)
11.La Tirmande Blues, Extract (Les Bouseux Psychedeliques)

B Seite

13.Tiny Bladders (If Bwana)
14.Another Song (Anathema)
15.Gross National Product (Synthetic Product)
16.Rebel Dance (Miasma)
17.Fascination (Pseudo Code)
18.Untitled (Pseudo Code)
19.Aren't You Perfect Too (The Submensa's)
20.Bizarre, Bizarre, Bizarre (M.A.L.)
21.Opus 4 (Narzisse)
22.La Tirmande Blues, Extract 2 (Les Bouseux Psychedeliques)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 600 dpi

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