Samstag, 1. Februar 2020

V.A. - Hypertonia Sampler

V.A. - Hypertonia Sampler
Hypertonia World Enterprises HWE 34

Heute mal wieder in Sachen Sampler unterwegs und direkt nach Norwegen. zu Hypertonia World Enterprises. Wenn ich das richtig sehe eine Werkschau der bis dahin veröffentlichten Tape bei HWE.
A Seite
01.HyperTonia Part I (Areknuteknyterne)
02.Africa (Le Lu - Lu's & Yo-Yo)
03.Dalgang (Njurmännen)
04.Bontemps Roulez (Stray Trolleys)
05.Drowning Butterflies (Cleaners From Venus)
06.Late Night (Martin Newell)
07.Hey Hey Hey We're The... (Brotherhood Of Lizards)
08.Givin You A Helping Hand (Lord Litter)
09.Inoshira Handa, excerpt (Lord Litter)
B Seite
10.E-Electrical (Kronstadt)
11.Ding Dong (X-Ray Pop)
12.Theme From Pilotorrifik Trip (X-Ray Pop)
13.Window On The World (Political Asylum)
14.Down Amongst The Olive Groves (Political Asylum)
15.Spionage, excerpt (Das Freie Orchester)
16.Untitled (Das Freie Orchester)
17.Yoshikawa (Toshiyuki Hiraoka)
18.Introduction (Toshiyuki Hiraoka)
19.HyperTonia Part II (Areknuteknyterne)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


  1. THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Loved all you uploaded from Hypertonia so far!
    If you have more don't hesitate :p

  3. ^^ I put these tapes together and I'm very flattered that someone would care over 30 years later to download them. Here's a link to my 1992 WATCHING SATAN compilation, Color 7" cover by Sverre H. Kristensen, who sadly died in 1997.