Samstag, 1. Februar 2020

V.A. - Pop Collection 1

V.A. - Pop Collection 1
Hypertonia World Enterprises HWE 24

Was HWE betrifft, heute hier der letzte Sampler, Pop Collection auch ei 2 Teiler, der 2 fehlt mir natürlich.
A Seite
01.Flower In Bloom (Bravo Dalton)
02.Baby Shut The Red Lights (Bravo Dalton)
03.Desolation Railway (Venus Fly Trap)
04.Machine Rant - Machines Sing, Speech Synthesis Machine (Le Lu - Lu's & Yo-Yo)
05.On The Sunny Side (Lord Litter)
06.NaNaNa (Lord Litter)
07.Searching For The Supersoul (Trigger B)
08.That Ol' Alcohol (James Hill)
09.Pussy Patrol (James Hill)
10.He Wanna Be A Punkrocker (The Acid Dreams)
11.Can't Sell Your Love, Demo Version (Modern Art)
12.Tomato And Feud (Rites Of Post)
B Seite
13.Every Day, Live (The Flatmates)
14.I Could Be In Heaven, Live (The Flatmates)
15.Who'd Want To Do It (Hermanos Guzanos)
16.Twilight Shines (Rattus Rexx)
17.Forever Your Friend (Rattus Rexx)
18.Symptom, Demo Version (Political Asylum)
19.Someday, Demo Version (Political Asylum)
20.Paradise (Johnson's Fiver)
21.Mo Monk (Kevyn Dymond, Mark Shafer)
22.Currency (Kevyn Dymond, Mark Shafer)
23.Slack (Kevyn Dymond, Mark Shafer)
24.Sensation & Tod (Anastasias)
25.Blood On Glass (The Detective)
26.Love Cuts, Live (The Flatmates)
27.Song Of My Suicide (Kevyn Dymond, Mark Shafer)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


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