Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2020

V.A. - Kentucky Fried Royality Audio News Radio Show No 1

V.A. - Kentucky Fried Royality Audio News Radio Show No 1
(Lord Litter's Tapedepartement Radio Show No. 1)
Kentucky Fried Royality

Ich denke ein anderer Name, aber hier der erste Teil der Lord Litter's Tapedepartement Radio Show, noch in Berlin bei Radio 100. Sicher könnte der Lord Litter mehr dazu sagen.
A Seite
01.Tapedepartment Jingle (produced by Lord Litter)
02.Up And Out (The Third State)
03.Seduction (Fusebox)
04.Artdrive (Selfs Without Shells)
05.Lovetown And Mindgarden (L'Air Maureen)
06.Aquarium (Harald Sack Ziegler)
07.The Space Bar (Herd Of The Ether Space)
08.Big Surprise Charles Rice Goff III)
09.And The Trees Are Waiting (Opera Multi Steel)
10.Happy Homes In The Moonlight (Dauerfisch)
11.Old Market (Yasuhiko Shimokihara)
B Seite
12.Tapedepartement Jingle (produced by Dauerfisch)
13.Take Me (The Smells From Hell)
14.Wimp (Drama)
15.Lille Ragnhild (Juryen)
16.Viheter Kai och Jonas (Enema Och Gejonte)
17.Jorge and Tony (Hermanos Guzanos)
18.Dancing With Nancy (Grandfather)
19.Paisley Mystery Girl (Don Campau)
20.Boy From The Home Courbies (The Cleaner From Venus)
21.Endlösung (No Weye)
22.Dith (Phinney Jackson Mc Gee)
23.All We Have (John Trubee)
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