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V.A. - WATCHING SATAN (The Legacy Of Charles Manson

V.A. - WATCHING SATAN (The Legacy Of Charles Manson
Hypertonia World Enterprises HWE 89

Dann kommen wir noch nicht zum Katalog und dessen Inhalt, JR Bruun hatte noch ein Link zu einem weiteren HWE Sampler geschickt, das ganze etwas aufbereitet und jetzt auch hier.
I Found this Tape on my PC, with all and better Scans, New Download.
A Seite
02.Cease To Exist (Seedjoy)
03.They Call Me Charlie (Kevin Dymond)
04.Garbage Dump (Charles Rice Goff III)
05.Helter Skelter (Abrahadabra)
06.Social Distortion (Sinister Attraction)
07.Young Girl (Hope Organ)
08.Free Charles Manson (Anton Balsam)
09.Big Iron Door (Squidbelly Phlegmfoot & The Plug Uglies)
10.Channel Five (Neither/Neither World)
11.Happiness (ZBZ)
12.Restless People (The A.A. Experience)
13.Garbage Dump (The Bill Jones Show)
14.Mr. Charlie's Birthday (Plastic Eye Miracle)
15.Look At Your Game, Girl (Geoff X. Alexander)
B Seite
16.Garbage Dump (GG Allin)
17.I'll Never Say Never To Always (Las Animas)
18.The Joker (The Arnold Incorporated)
19.Cease To Exist (Dr. Maya)
20.Techno Scapegoat (Anus Presley)
21.Helter Skelter (David Barnes)
22.Charlie...This Is Sharon (Lord Litter)
23.Eyes Of A Dreamer (The Apostles)
24.Never Say Never Always Instrumental (Unknown Artists)
25.Harmony (Hope Organ)
26.Garbage Dump (Seedjoy)
27.Arkansas (Unknown Artists)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


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