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V.A. - Porno/Yes-Ographie Vol 3

V.A. - Porno/Yes-Ographie Vol 3
Irre Tapes IT 104

Hier dann der 3te Streich in der "The American Version"
IT104 Porno/Yes-ographie/ Vol. 3 Compilation C46 ("american version" with music by Arttek/ Jim Jean/ Spilling static orchestra/ L.G. Mair, Jr. + as german special guest L'Edarps A Moth - limited first edition 30 with real color picture and contact zones for wild sex people)
A Seite
01.Pornada 1 (Arttek)
02.Pornada 2 (Arttek)
03.Pornada 3 (Arttek)
04.Hot Buttered Copporn (Jim Jean)
05.Jetzt Ist Mir Nach Mord (L'Edarps A Moth)
B Seite
06.Untitled (Spilling Static Orchestra)
07.Erotica Obscura (L.G.Mair JR)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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