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V.A. - Nothing But Lost Music

V.A. - Nothing But Lost Music
Irre Tapes IT 108

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IT108 Nothing but lost music/ Compilation C60 (The Rorschach Garden/ S. Fricke/ Steel kiss cart/ G.P.U./ The Conspiracy/ Nomuzic…)
A Seite
01.Prais Mr. Major (Siegmar Fricke)
02.Eyes On (The Rorschach Garden)
03.Ma Lou Per Lin Pin Pin (Le Manifeste De L'Art Discret)
04.Coffee House (Feldenberg Om)
05.Far From Reality (The Impact Of Radiance)
06.No Problems At All (I've Got A Hammer And I'm Gonna Use It)
07.She's So Fine (The Conspiracy)
08.Introducing (The Impact Of Radiance)
B Seite
09.Desperate Longing (The Rorschach Garden)
10.Springfever (Hengst Van Helsing)
11.Mad Cow's Disease (Feldenberg Om)
12.Sermon (Steel Kiss Cart)
13.Reel (GPU)
14.Song Of Atlantic (Nomuzic)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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