Samstag, 9. November 2019

V.A. - Thats The Way It Will Be

V.A. - Thats The Way It Will Be
Beton Tapes BT 022

Da hat es ja doch noch für einen 2ten Sampler gereicht.
A Seite
01.Schutt & Asche (Cultes Des Goules)
02.Gebärmutter (Notstandskomitee)
03.Nightmare (Two Witches)
04.Drying Nation (Love Like Blood)
05.The Door (No Critics)
06.Benetton Girl (Silke Bischoff)
07.Andalusian Death (Also)
08.Lords Prayer (Dronning Maud Land)
09.Mysterious Colours (The Evasion On Stake)
10.Picture To The Dead (Lore Of Asmoday)
11.Carnival As Emetic (Solanaceae Tau)
12.Love And Sorrow (Religious Vision)
B Seite
13.Intro (Das Trauma Syndrom)
14.E.B.K. (Notstandskomitee)
15.Glas In Deiner Hand (Lore Of Asmoday)
16.Dear Cathrine (Love Like Blood)
17.Secret Cellar (Also)
18.We All Fall Down (Two Witches)
19.Deep Song (Dronning Maud Land)
20.Tulusa (Cyber)
21.The Garden Of Stones (1 SBH)
22.Clockwork Orange Complex (Solanaceae Tau)
23.Der Tod (Religious Vision)
24.Heimsuchung (Das Trauma Syndrom)
25.Sadness (No Critics)
26.Der Traum (The Evasion On Stake)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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