Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2020

V.A. - Individual Pop Compilation

V.A. - Individual Pop Compilation
Individual Pop IP 002
Hier noch ein Sampler von Individual Pop.
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01.Home, Still Home (V-Sorx, X)
02.Follow The Plough (Cleaners From Venus)
03.De Plus En Plus (Fit & Limo)
04.Life On The Floor (LOSP)
05.Cabrioles (Klimperei)
06.Marvellous (Dreaming Schoolboys)
07.Somebody Else's Stranger (Face In The Crowd)
08.Life Burned Alive (Man's Hate)
09.Moment (Turn Blue)
10.Es Ist Vorbei (Merricks)
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11.Calling (Taste Of Decay)
12.Assumed To Be Dreaming (Body And The Buildings)
13.A Promise (Tremor Sense)
14.Lost Energy (Gaze Of Tension)
15.As One (Fünf Blonde Schwestern)
16.Vietnam (The Hobo's Third Goldnose)
17.Pikture (The Hobo's Third Goldnose)
18.The Action Men Are Rotting (Man's Hate)
19.The Action Men Are Rotting (Man's Hate)
20.Slave To A Rolls Royce (Man's Hate)
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