Montag, 6. Januar 2020

V.A. Pale Destroyer

V.A. Pale Destroyer

Hier noch eine Epitapes Sampler.
Berserker / Dieter Schlensog
A Seite
01.Scissorsound (Hands To)
02.Decomposition (Hands To)
03.Geistig (City Of Worms)
04.Half Exterior (Le Syndicat)
05.Life Phases (Freezer Study)
06.Oral Roberts Throb (Mystery Hearsay)
07.Untitled Improv 1 (Nomuzak)
08.Another Lilac Day In Lombard (Illusion Of Safety)
09.Katalovox (Illusion Of Safety)
10.For Those Who Cannot Cope (Croiners)
11.Untitled (Croiners)
12.Very Lost (Cephalic Index)
13.Window Recording (Epitapes)
B Seite
14.Big Daddy (Cephalic Index)
15.Furnace (Cephalic Index)
16.Memoires D'Un Bourreau (Stenka Bazin)
17.L'Altesse Malade (Stenka Bazin)
18.Gole Mariam (Vox Populi)
19.Untitled (Berserker)
20.Sepsis Venation (Putrefier)
21.Eight House (John Hudak)
22.Untitled (John Wiggins)
23.Sans Titre (Noetinger)
24.The Metal Before The Beach (Psychological Warfare Branch)
25.Drunk (Redemption Inc.)
26.One Cautious Step (Intrinsic Factor)
27.The Last Trip Of Tippy, The Little Pink Drummer-Rabbit (MGZ)
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