Montag, 12. April 2021

V.A. - Bet-On Us

V.A. - Bet-On Us

Beton Tapes BT 09


Wir bleiben thematisch beim "Beton"

A Seite

01.The Dance Of Death (Tumorous Flesh)
02.Pluto Rider (1.SBH)
03.Ruf Den Terror (Verbrannte Erde)
04.The Man With The Neverending Smile, Live (Dark Orange)
05.No Understanding (The Evasion On Stake)
06.Suffering (The Trinity Mania)
07.The Master Science (Umpire)
08.Remember The Days (Shadowplay)
09.Little Fugue In H (Council Anderson)
10.Kampfgrinsen (D.M.A.D.T.)
11.Truth (New Life)

B Seite

12.Six Pack Pleasure (Twin Peaks)
13.Elder (The House Of Usher)
14.The Moon Effect (Shadowplay)
15.Turtle Neck (Umpire)
16.Romance Of Chevalry, Live (Dark Orange)
17.Lawsuit (The Evasion On Stake)
18.Birth Of A Candle (1.SBH)
19.Black Dots In Space (The Trinity Mania)
20.Fleshtemple (Tumorous Flesh)
21.Keine Zweifel (Verbrannte Erde)
22.God Knows I'm Ready (Twin Peaks)
23.The Garden Of Love (Council Anderson)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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