Dienstag, 25. April 2023

V.A. - Fire Engine 201

V.A. - Fire Engine 201

Hypertonia World Enterprises HWE 058


Wo ein HWE-Sampler ist, ist auch gleich ein zweiter. Dieser hier deutlich internationaler besetzt, leider auch deutlich mehr Titel.

A Seite

01.So Hard (Girth)
02.Checkered Land (The Blood Oranges)
03.This Is Supposed To Be Fun (Sosumi)
04.Cult Hero (Trespassers W)
05.Censuré (Pin Prick)
06.Wish She Were Here (Political Asylum)
07.Used To Be A Preacher (John Bartles)
08.Puppets Of A Broken Dream (Marilyn's Army)
09.Aboriginal Hitch-Hike Rap (J Rock & The Conspiracy Crew)
10.All Aboard The Mind Train (Modern Art)
11.Self Destruct (Girth)
12.Die Lonely (Eden)
13.Local Girl (T. Wayne Wilson)
14.Happy Haemorrhoids (Gold-Plated Haemorrhoides)

B Seite

15.Milk Carton Kids (Mata Rata)
16.Propaganda Girls (Storemage)
17.Ich War Eine Dose (Walter Ulbricht Experience)
18.God's Chosen People (Oblivion Grin)
19.Two Hearts (T. Wayne Wilson)
20.It's For Good (Eden)
21.President's Head (John Bartles)
22.Under My Skin (Fusebox)
23.Intergalactic Cross-time Mind Control God Patrol (Mata Rata)
24.E2FAC2E (Pin Prick)
25.Apple Of My Eye (Remember Fun)
26.New Age (Oblivion Grin)
27.Nightmare (The Blood Oranges)
28.Moody (3 Men Pissing In The Rain)
29.Aquarium (Sack)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 600 dpi

4 Kommentare:

  1. Very nice to see this archived! The Blood Oranges; tracks A/2 & B/27 are the original name of The Speed Of Sound, we're still here! https://thespeedofsounduk.com/

  2. Surprising and fun to see even more of my tapes up! Where did you get them? Almost all of the tapes unique to the label has been posted. I also had a few that were just compilations from other labels, but they were in some cases compiled especially for me. My old web page archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20151030200737/http://home.online.no/~janbruun/index.html

  3. Interview: http://livingarchive.doncampau.com/tape_labels/hypertonia