Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2020

V.A. - Individual Pop: Delay

V.A. - Individual Pop: Delay
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Noch ein Individual Pop Sampler.
A Seite
01.21 Century Man (Religion)
02.How Many More (Cancel)
03.The Flood (3 Men Pissing In The Rain)
04.Please (Duncan Fulton)
05.The Weather Isn't Changing (Deux Balaines Blanches)
06.Freccia Vallona (Yo Yo Mundi)
07.Dans (Adrian Cox)
08.Up Down (Dave Joe Grant)
09.Pearl (Emily)
10.Eagle Way (Heather MC Perkins)
B Seite
11.Las (Opera Multi Steel)
12.Blue Skies (Of Flames And Angels)
13.Drown (The Entropy Guild)
14.Daily Wars (Marilyn's Army)
15.Far Away (Forest 4)
16.Reconquista (Anatema)
17.Visioni (Lix Bolero)
18.June (The A Number Two)
19.A Flower In Bloom (Bravo Dalton)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi