Dienstag, 15. September 2020

V.A. - The Scream Of Torture

 V.A. - The Scream Of Torture

No Control Torture NCT 93-107


Ein vorerst letzter Sampler vom No Control Torture Label, eigentlich müsste da noch was sein, mal schauen.

A Seite

01.The Screams Of Torture (Alexander Bach)
02.Harlot (The Wake)
03.Obvious (Every New Dead Ghost)
04.The Breach (The Damage Done)
05.Zweistimmenstäuschung (Ataraxia)
06.Train From Moscow (The House Of Usher)
07.Temple Turning (Ambelian)

B Seite

08.Lights Are Strange (The Permanent Confusion)
09.Staring (Corpus Delicti)
10.Perfect Man (Ice Age)
11.L'Ame De Perperthus (Lucie Cries)
12.Forgive Forgot (All Fools Day)
13.Shadow Of Smoke (B.A.S.)
14.Victims & Circles Forever (Scarlet Harbour)
15.Zariathnatmik (Trom)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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