Montag, 6. Juli 2020

V.A. - The Lost & Found Collection

V.A. - The Lost & Found Collection

Da haben wir hier noch mal ein Sampler von Servil und das gleich im Doppelpack.
A Seite
01.Garage Beat (Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can)
02.Days of Glasnost (Fit+Limo)
03.A Fool Like Me (The Mitzetz)
04.Milky Way (The Jabberwockies)
05.Breakfest in your Racing Car (The Twist)
06.Benzedrine Blues (The Unwillings)
07.YCU say that (Moncha)
B Seite
08.I wanna go back (The Mitzetz)
09.Sitting in an empty room (The Jabberwockies)
10.SD (Vital)
11.Norma Jean Baker (Le Toutou Gate)
12.Don't cry it's alright (The Outstanding Headdogs)
A Seite
01.Diggin holes (The Unwillings)
02.Olivers out of control (Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can)
03.Forbidden colours (Pure Lüge)
04.Her dog (The Shiny Gnoms)
05.SCFTT SEXX (The Strecker)
06.Blue moon (Le Toutou Gate)
B Seite
07.I'm coming home (Fit+Limo)
08.Sommer 1968 (Die Sauberen Drei)
09.Let me come and let me go (Moncha)
10.Bonny Boby Shaftoe (The Shaftoes)
11.All is forgiven (The International Milkman)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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