Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020

V.A. - Technical Terms

V.A. - Technical Terms
Tecdance TEC 8

Gleich weiter im Text da kommt schon der nächste Tecdance Sampler.
A Seite
01.Gutter (Trumpet & Drums)
02.I Am Your Ogre (Dilemma)
03.Decide (Everything & Sincerity)
04.Anadyr (Ty Run)
05.In The Basement (Lescure 13)
06.Volksempfinden (Comahon Kidney Virus)
07.For Our Church (Trumpet & Drums)
08.Memoria - The Face Of God (Dilemma)
09.The Techno Hymn (Everything & Sincerity)
10.Stimulation (Ty Run)
11.Red Water (Lescure 13)
B Seite
12.Explore The Tragedy (Asolution)
13.The Gift (Placebo Effect)
14.Brave New World (L'Avantgarde)
15.O Medo Agora (Ik Mux)
16.Darkness (Asolution)
17.War (Placebo Effect)
18.Young Girl 1945 (L'Avantgarde)
19.O Crime Meu (Ik Mux)
20.Passion (Comahon Kidney Virus)
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi


  1. thanks for the tecdance you have "Metropolitain - A Techno Compilation TEC 5"

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