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V.A. - Chicago '82 A Dip In The Lake

V.A. - Chicago '82 A Dip In The Lake

Les Disques Du Crépuscule TWI 116


Noch was anspruchsvolles vom belgischen Les Disques Du Crépuscule Label.


A Seite

01.Peter Gordon's Mayor Jane Byrne's New Music America Opening Address (Peter Gordon)
02.My Experience As A Human Being And As A Musician (Peter Gordon)
03.Two Songs (Jill Kroesen)
04.Excerpt From Children On The Hill (Harold Budd)
05.Excerpt From Extensions (Jon Gibson)
06.As If It Came From An Oral Tradition (Meredith Monk)
07.Excerpt From Music For Carillon (Charlemagne Palestine)
08.Sad Story (Michael Byron)
09.Excerpt From Message Received (David Van Tieghem)

B Seite

10.Excerpt from Symphony No. 2 The Peak of the Sacred (Glenn Branca)
11.So that Each Person Is In Charge Of Himself (John Cage-Wim Mertens)
12.Radio Piece (Ned Sublette)

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