Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2021

V.A. - Culture Revolution

V.A. - Culture Revolution

Culture Tapes ct009


Noch ein Culture Tapes Sampler, damit gehen dann meine Vorräte auch zu Ende.

A Seite

01.Spartakiade (Halo Svevo)
02.Testtubebaby (Boxhamsters)
03.There's A Twitch In My Eyes And I Can't Sleep (Eric Hausmann)
04.Triebwerk Ein - Triebwerk Aus (Sack)
05.Asphyxia (Imminent Starvation)
06.Lenor (Doves Under Chairwalk)
07.Rain (The Conspiracy)
08.Birth Of An Idea (Flagrants D'Eli)
09.Where Are We Going (Taurus Wabo)
10.Costes Cock (Costes)
11.Child's Game (Opposition Party)
12.Der Letzte Kreislauf, Kadaver (Endzeitgeneration)

B Seite

13.Ritual No9 (Hideg Roncs)
14.Never, Outtake (Anything)
15.Manu Militari (Imminent Starvation)
16.Kaum Kaubar (Sack)
17.Icicle (Eric Hausmann)
18.JDY (Monteferro Coilco)
19.I Can't Understand (Taurus Wabo)
20.I Feel Weird (Costes)
21.Alice In Der (Schein-)Idylle (AF Traumwelt)
22.Welcome To The USA II (The Conspiracy)
23.FBT (The Puppet Masters And The Anvil Chorus)
24.Finale, Extended (Cult Goes Culture)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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