Samstag, 7. August 2021

V.A. - International Sound Communication 10

V.A. - International Sound Communication 10

A Man's Hate Product


Noch einen der tollen I.S.C.-Sampler, ich finde hier die Nr. 10 besonders gut gelungen.

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01.Resignation (Split Second)
02.A Perfect Memory In Here (Twilight Ritual)
03.Night Talk (Syndrome)
04.Wired To The Machine's (Linear Movement)
05.Dan Dare - Where Are You (Photodrama)
06.Rollercoaster (Ideas Beyond Filth)
07.Kazbuz (Agencenent)
08.Smak (Crawling With Tarts)
09.Integration (AjYntyv)
10.Back To Rocj'n'Roll (Die Schlaffen Affen)
11.Knife In My Side (Do Easy)
12.Sommersprossengesicht (Rudolfs Rache)

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13.Your Country Need's You (L.D.50)
14.Life On The Floor (L.O.S.P.)
15.Content Discontent (Katharsis)
16.Find Somebody (Mystery Plane)
17.I Was Not A Jew (WeR7)
18.Monochrome Dance (Modern Art)
19.Lipstick (La Créme De La Crime)
20.Pandra Music (10T)
21.Himalaya (Detwiehl)
22.Them Scarecrows (The Marvelous Roofs)
23.Leningrad (Len Liggins)
24.All The Dead Men (Len Liggins)
25.Serenade In The Night (Solomonoff, Von Hoffmannstahl And Hoffmann)
26.Faith (Terry Gray)
27.Fist Come's Down (Stress)
28.Echo River (F/I)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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