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V.A. - Weed Sampler 03

V.A. - Weed Sampler 03

Weed Music


Noch den 3ten und letzten Weed Sampler von Winnies Weed Music, womit dann auch alle Vorräte ausgeschöpft sind. 

A Seite

01.Do You Know (Local Scandal)
02.Dance Like A Geek (Hermanos Guzanos)
03.Rauque And Rolle (M. Nomized)
04.Sans Requin (No Unauthorized)
05.Slog Your Meat (Maffick)
06.Un Voile Blanc (Klimperei)
07.In Difference (Deleted)
08.Dans (Adrian Cox)
09.She's A Shadow (Les Larmes)
10.Helpless (Andy Xport)
11.Driven To Distraction (Driven To Distraction)
12.Excerpt (Pol Silentblock)

B Seite

13.You've Got An Hangover (Die Männer)
14.Magic Carpet (Elephant Bangs Train)
15.Excerpt (Jean Pierre Espil+Totentanz)
16.News And Cities (Meadow Meal)
17.Intoxicate (Cryptic Flowers)
18.Careless Love (Gerfried Feistritzer)
19.Dein Gesicht (Die Rache)
20.Lille Ragnhild (Areknuteknyterne)
21.White Night (ZBZ)
22.Stranger In The Night (Gypsy)
23.I Wanna Take (Lord Litter + Rattus Rexx)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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