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V.A. - Real Time 7 / Aug. 1983

V.A. - Real Time 7 / Aug. 1983

Unlikely Records


Leider nur noch die Nr. 7 von Unlikely Records Real Time. Aber auch diese ist eine tolle Zusammenstellung.

A Seite

01.Museum Of Fakes (Robotghost)
02.Studio 54 (Robotghost)
03.Boxes, All I Want Is A Womb With A View (Len Liggins)
04.I Know You Know, Oriental Eyes (Len Liggins)
05.To Hell With The Carnival (Gambit Of Shame)
06.No Bounds (Gambit Of Shame)
07.18 Out Of 20 (Gambit Of Shame)
08.Born To Be Killed (Mex)
09.On And On And On (The Adventures Of Twizzle)
10.Blue Sky North Street Casino (Magnificent Everything)
11.Big Casino (Magnificent Everything)
12.Sand (If All Else Fails)
13.Blood On Her Produce (If All Else Fails)
14.Star (John Ralph)

B Seite

15.Velvet (Terry Crocodile)
16.Dream Syndicate (Terry Crocodile)
17.Shake (Nine Dangerous Fish Inc.)
18.Lobsters On The Boil (Nine Dangerous Fish Inc.)
19.Tired And Emotional (Personal Effect)
20.The Other Way (Martin Barbour)
21.Attarine Street (Martin Barbour)
22.Peur (Three Damn Cheers)
23.Nothing New (Stress)
24.Steady State (Rimarimba)
25.The Melting (Rimarimba)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 600 dpi

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