Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2020

Enema Och Gejonte - Ingen Kisse

 Enema Och Gejonte - Ingen Kisse

Omnium Gatherum OG-08


Heute geht es wieder nach Schweden, mit einem recht ungewöhnlichen Duo.

Danke Björn

Auch hier noch mal für das internationale Publikum, die bitte

Request for support

In the end, I have to use this event repeatedly as an opportunity to ask for support and financial aid!

There is a lot of my heart in the work "Digitization of Tapes and Zines". It is a matter of the heart for me, which I pursue with a lot of passion. But it also costs a lot of time...

I am always looking for tapes and zines to digitize them and make them available for you. Unfortunately this is getting more and more difficult.

Sending tapes and zines

That's why I wish that one or the other sends me tapes and / or zines, which will be sent back after a short time again analog and DIGITAL.

Financial support

It is worth mentioning that meanwhile the operating costs (server costs, Internet, Photoshop etc.) amount to about 100 Euro per month. On top of that I have to buy a new copier because mine broke down. In order to be able to continue to run the block FOR YOU, I need help.

Should there be noble donors who might want to contribute a little, my gratitude would be beyond words.

In order to fulfill this request for support, financially but also for tapes / zines, you are welcome to ask for my bank details by e-mail:

Gladly also by PAYPAL to:                  

Reason for payment                                      Tapeattack

Even if it is only 1 Euro, 1 Dollar, 1 Pound or whatever, I would be more than happy.

With 33.000 hits per month, even the smallest donation would make a lot of sense and I could continue to pursue my passion.

A Seite

01.Vi Heter Kai Och Jonas
03.Döa Råtter På Det Trevliga Barnhemmet
04.No No I Don't Wanna Go
05.Sprit & Tabletter
06.Thick Fluid
07.How Lachne Jow Sow Sachashim

B Seite

09.Old Mac Donald Had A Farm
10.Upp I Ottan
11.Tore Gärtsén Och Makarna Svensson
12.Underbart Fri
13.Bal I Den Himmelska Dalen

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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