Samstag, 3. Oktober 2020

V.A. - Notre Dame 04

 V.A. - Notre Dame 04

EE Tapes ET 07


Eine Notre Dame, geht noch. Ich meine Matthias hatte auch mal bei Irre Tapes, einen Hommage-Sampler.

A Seite

01.Notre Dame (Schaum Der Tage)
02.AO 601, Excerpt (Architects Office)
03.Himmelwet (Brume)
04.Bless You (Machine Maid Man)
05.China Crisis (AK AK)
06.Piss-Tank (Smell & Quim)
07.For The Moon (Amy)
08.Untitled (Notre Dame)
09.In The Mind (Black Flowers)
10.Music Lesson 1 (This Window)
11.Through Many Doors We Pass (Abner Malatay)
12.Total Frontiers 2 (Jeepees Soap)

B Seite

13.Scarlet Weekend (Ix-Ex-Splue)
14.Upon Steels Heaven, S.V. (Vidna Obmana)
15.Ecto-Phillis 1 & 2 (Brume)
16.Luminous Paint (Suttee)
17.I Can't (Deleted)
18.Hush! (Metal Ørganism)
19.Strokes Beyond Human Soul (Oblivion)
20.The Poor Person (Gorgonzola Legs)
21.The Human Being (Bloody Cum)

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