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V.A. - Weird Tales Tour 09/79

V.A. - Weird Tales Tour 09/79

Fuck Off Records F.O. 006


Da geht es gleich weiter nach UK und zu Fuck Off Records. Die Live-Mitschnitte, aus 79, wann der Sampler erschienen ist, unklar.

A Seite

01.Jam (Zounds)
02.Government Boys (Zounds)
03.Angels (Zounds)
04.Money (Zounds)
05.I Made It Happen (Zounds)
06.Violence (Mob)
07.Wots Going On (Mob)
08.No Time (Mob)
09.Fire (Androids)
10.Child Of Light (Androids)
11.Reggae (Androids)

B Seite

12.Crying Again (Mob)
13.When The Mirror Breaks (Mob)
14.Atomic Explosion (Androids)
15.Animal Angel (Androids)
16.Seven Cities (Androids)
17.Sometime Later Jam (Zounds)
18.Amplified World (Restricted Hours)
19.Car Crash (Restricted Hours)
20.Hamster In Chief Dialogue
21.Grand Showbiz Meets Space Wars In Manchester

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 600 dpi

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