Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2021

V.A. - All As One

V.A. - All As One



Gleich noch ein Sampler vom Rod, diesmal wieder mit reichlich Genossen.

A Seite

01.Killing Time (No Fraud)
02.Political Spectrum (No Fraud)
03.F.T.M.Y.I.Y.D (No Fraud)
04.Revolt (No Fraud)
05.Another Part Of The Machinery (No Fraud)
06.Fuck Your Shit (No Fraud)
07.Punks Vs. Fags (No Fraud)
08.Identity Crisis (No Fraud)
09.D.U.I. (No Fraud)
10.Fake (No Fraud)
11.Venice Hill Billies (No Fraud)
12.This Is Bochum Not L.A. (Inhuman Conditions)
13.Destroyed Earth (Inhuman Conditions)
14.Positive Or Dumb (Inhuman Conditions)
15.Drugdeath (Inhuman Conditions)
16.Money Isn't Everything (Inhuman Conditions)
17.Proceeding Decay (Inhuman Conditions)

B Seite

18.Weltuntergang (Genossen)
19.Ostfrontgewitter (Genossen)
20.B-Tong (Genossen)
21.Bullenstaat (Genossen)
22.Maloche (Genossen)
23.Fies (Genossen)
24.Ghule (Genossen)
25.No Room For Normality (Killer Crust)
26.No Raid (Killer Crust)
27.Ultimate In Life (Killer Crust)
28.Division By Sight Ambitions (Killer Crust)
29.Killercrust (Killer Crust)
30.Sugar Candy Mountain (Killer Crust)
31.What Went Wrong Liberty What For (Killer Crust)

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