Samstag, 24. Juli 2021

V.A. - International Sound Communication 09

 V.A. - International Sound Communication 9

Man's Hate Product


Noch ein toller I.S.C. Sampler, von den Man's Hate Products. Anscheinend hier mit PKK-Connections, Super Mix, tolle Zusammenstellung, der weiß zu Gefallen. Natürlich aus dem LL-Archiv.

A Seite

01.Neptunes Wake's Up (Magthea)
02.Metropoline (E.S.P. Kinetic)
03.Bury The Dead For Fear (Lyke Wake)
04.Untitled (Mark Pira)
05.Boiling Water (Areknuteknyterne)
06.Four Star Chrome Maniac (Boiling House)
07.King Of The Castle (Statement)
08.Polywater (Flushed Beyond Recall)
09.Dis Leur, Dealer (Urbain Autopsy)
10.Untitled (D.C.A.)
11.Lust Dead (Dead S.P.K.)
12.On My Walk To Work (Doc Wör Mirran)
13.Puddle (Doc Wör Mirran)
14.Living Oddly In A World (Doc Wör Mirran)
15.The Pen (Doc Wör Mirran)
16.MacDonald's Is Pornography (Doc Wör Mirran)
17.Bleed (The Hive)
18.Love Genocide (Paul Rance & The Peace & Freedom Band)
19.Mother & Father Singing Their Song While Fucking Until They Orgasm (Costes Cassette)
20.Stop-Gap (Jeff Laryngo)

B Seite

21.Enfant Prodige (FA.R. Prosthesis)
22.Once I Was A Swallow (Diet & Iko Schütte)
23.Ernte 23 (Jive Kapelle)
24.Vylezl Do Třetiho Patra, Excerpt - Live (MCH Band)
25.Hell's Bell's, Live (Neurotica)
26.Motionfilled (Zeitgeist And The 7 Year Itch)
27.Junk (Ark & The Ologists)
28.Warfare, Live (The Disturbed)
29.Untitled (Swinebolt 45)
30.C 'Est Difficile D'Avoir Rien A Dire (Moly)
31.Gangrene (Denier Du Culte)
32.Don't Stop Call Me (The Joke Project)
33.Be Bop (Memphis 10 SC)

Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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