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V.A. - Walkman Meltdown Volume Three (More American Music)

V.A. - Walkman Meltdown Volume Three (More American Music)
Hypertonia World Enterprises HWE 70

Heute noch einen der beiden fehlenden Walkman Meltdown Sampler, Anbei gleich noch ein Hypertonia Newsletter, aus Spring 1992

A Seite
01.Ms. Pinky, Zappa (L'Edarps A Moth)

02.Wiffle Ball Rag (Donald Campau)
03.The Mighty Hamburger-Sickness (The Evolution Committee)
04.Up & Down (The Mood Swinger)
05.Helter Skelter-Its Alright Charlie (Donald Campau & Charles Laurel)
06.Garbage (LMNOP)
07.Plastic Town (John Bartles)
08.Willie Stands Up (Charles Laurel)
09.Longbranch Ferry (Filucy Hootchie Kootchie Band)
10.NTT (Sinister Attraction)
11.Signs Predicting The End Of The World (Dead Ear Prod.)
B Seite
12.Tell Yourself This Is Real (Dead Ear Prod.)
13.Cease To Exit-Age, Manson (Eric Braün)
14.The Wooden Soldier
15.A Thousend Miles Away
16.Nuke Them All (Sosumi)
17.Indigenous People (T. Wayne Wilson)
18.Rant Chant (Dr. Mongo Tari-Bubu And Love Grenade)
19.Don Quayle-Time-Life Commercial (The Evolution Committee)
20.On Fishermen (Steve & Kristi Nebel)
21.Female Mistake
Bitrate 192 kbit/s
Scan 300 dpi

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  1. THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Dear Lord! This is MJB-90 from the USA (now in Australia in 2023). Track #21 on Walkman Meltdown No.3 is my song "Feminine Mistake" ... nice tape blog btw